The Calvary Story

Calvary Tabernacle has been serving western Illinois, northeast Missouri and southeastern Iowa since 1959.  Founding Pastor Charles Mitchell made many sacrifices to establish our congregation, including purchasing land and building our first facility at the corner of 16th and Locust streets.

The congregation grew and prospered through Pastor Mitchell's 29 years of leadership and continued to expand under the
 ministry of his successors.  Calvary Tabernacles's currentpastor, Greg Wilhelm, came to Quincy in 2014, and continues
the church's legacy of quality leadership.

As the church grew, it became apparent that new facilities were desperately needed.  God blessed and in 2009, Calvary Tabernacle was able to secure the use of our current facility, located at 1125 Hampshire.

God has blessed Calvary Tabernacle with great leadership, inspired preaching and teaching, heart-felt worship & music and miraculous demonstrations of the Holy Spirit for more than a half-century.  We look forward to continuing that legacy until Jesus Christ returns.