Small Group Leaders
Small Group Leaders


Purpose for Small Groups (the “Why”)

•              Meet outside the four walls of the church

•              Develop and foster new and existing relationships

•              Offer an atmosphere that, for some people, may prove more relaxed and comfortable than a church setting

•              Provide opportunity for discussion/study on a wide range of topics

•              Fellowship



                •              Topics/series will align with Biblical values

                •              Will promote spiritual, mental, and/or physical growth

                •              If meeting at a restaurant, patronize/support the establishment.  For example, no small group should meet at a restaurant/fast food and yet not make any purchases.

                •              May meet in a home or public venue

                •              Display Christ-like attitudes and behaviors towards each other

                •              Begin and end on time



                •              Alcohol and substance abuse is prohibited

                •              Advocating for a political party is prohibited

                •              Venues will not be conducted at a bar, club, or such other establishment


Expectations of Small Group Leader

•              Submit topics/series and corresponding material to the Pastor for approval

•              Lead by example

•              Display a Christ-like attitude toward the group members and the public

•              Be prepared for your lesson

•              If you’re unable to teach, arrange for a substitute teacher. (Also, please inform Kristen Dugal or pastor of any changes or cancellations in your group.)


Small Group Dates


  • May 19th - Deadline to sign up to lead a group in the Summer/Fall 2019 Semester.
  • May 23rd - All group info must be turned in and finalized.
  • May 28th - All groups will receive their approval status by this date.
  • June 2nd - The official kickoff of the Summer/Fall 2019 Semester! We will also be having our Small Group Promotions Sunday on this day.
  • September 8th - Second Quarter Small Group Promotions Sunday.
  • December 31st - Summer/Fall 2019 Semester ending.

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