Our Values

Core Values
Core Values

Our core values drive everything we do at Calvary Tabernacle.  We aim to minister to the spiritual, mental & physical needs of our community.  The following items tell you 'who' Calvary Tab is.  Here is what you can expect when you walk through our doors.

  1. Love - One of the first things you will notice about Calvary Tab is the friendliness and the love that you feel.  Our love one for another is not superficial, but something much deeper.  We love others the way Jesus loves us.  
  2. Grow - Our aim is that we minister & grow your spiritual & mental needs.  Through discipleship classes we learn & grow in Biblicial knowledge.  Through our Made for More & Financial Peace University classes we want to grow people's minds.
  3. Dream - Losing hope is terrible place to be. We believe God's grace & mercy and through the transforming power of the Holy Ghost, everyone can dream again, regardless of their past.  
  4. Go - The greatest thing that someone could do with their life, after feeling the love of God, growing in Him and beginning to dream again, is to lead someone else to the same place.